Winter Returns to New Mexico

Let me ask you something: Does it make any sense to you that when the weather turns nasty, things are unsafe, hazardous, messy or just plain miserable that is the time when I (and any other photojournalist) are expected to go out and make images? Sure, that's what the job is - be there and show those that couldn't be what was going on. But from a logical point of view, why would I do something like this? Cars are sliding off the roads, crashes are all over, officials are considering closing the roads and that is when I head out? Maybe I could justify it if I was getting paid well, but the truth is that first year teachers in this county make several thousand dollars a year more than I do...

The job is not glamorous. It is not comfortbale. It is not easy (we don't just push a button and walk away). The job is not high paying. For the most part there is no recognition for the effort. There are all sorts of people that want to restrict access or promote agendas that conflict with telling the story properly.

Why do I keep doing it? I'll answer that simply with this: What else would I do? It's in my blood. It's not only what I do, but a large part of who I am.

Gallup fire fighters pry into the engine compartment of a Ford pick-up truck as they work to disconnect the battery adfter it was involved in a collision with a second truck, in the background, at the I-40 off-ramp on the East end of Gallup. The snowy weather contributed to a multi-vehicle collision on I-40 near Coolidge which forced officials to shut down the freeway for safety.

Gallup business owner Jim Smith fires up his snow blower to clear the sidewalk in front of his Self-Storage facilities on Historic Rt. 66 in Gallup.
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