House Fire and Bad Access

I could sit and whine about the situation, especially since Sunday is supposed to be my day off, but that doesn't help. I arrived at the scene of a house fire and was not able to see what the fire crews were doing from the front of the house. I could stand less then 30 feet from the property, but couldn't see anyhting. One of the guys from the electric department told me all the action was around back, so off I went. I parked the next street over, which was a dead-end and hiked up the small hill to the cross street to start making images.

There was a single police officer who took issue with my covering this incident, and made me back away from the scene, even though there were other civilians standing half the distance from the scene as I was. I circumvented the problem by climbing up spme steps to the top of an overlooking hill, and stood in the backyard of somebody's home to shoot down at the scene. It worked, but the trees certainly made things less than ideal.

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