Snow - the REAL Thing

To be blunt, I left Minneapolis to get away from this junk. Of course, a snowfall of 8 inches up there would be an inconvenience at most. Here it shut down schools, made roads problematic to travel on, and was overall a big onconvenience. Anyway, here are some of the images I took during my wanderings today to get snow coverage. (*this is the most snow I recall seeing in Gallup in the 11 years I have lived here).

A&A Towing operator Patrick Kirk controls the winch while Edison Saunders keeps an eye on the tow cable Monday while helping a stuck delivery truck to the top off the hill at South First Street and Mesa Avenue in Gallup. The delivery truck was more than halfway up the hill when he lost traction and slid backwards, striking and damaging a parked car in the process.

Noah Oliver, 6, and Joshua Collins, 9, make snow angels in the boulevard along South First Street in downtown Gallup on Monday as they experienced the aftermath of the snowstorm that hit Gallup Sunday night and Monday morning, leaving over eight inches of the white stuff on the ground.

Grady St. John, 5, and his sister Julia, 3, try out their snow climbing skills in the fresh accumulation in front of their home on Mesa Avenue in Gallup.

Grady St. John, 5, tips a shovel full of snow into a pile while helping his mother clear their sidewalk off Monday at their home on East Mesa Avenue in Gallup.

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