Icicles, Houses and Gasoline

Using my 60mm Macro lens and a soft burst of fill flash from below I made this image of an icicle hanging down from the rain gutter outside my front door this morning.

The row of icicles here reminds me of prison bars or some other type of cage. The icicles are part of a large cluster hanging from a vacant house in Gallup. I started out photographing some of the vacant homes for a story on HUD not releasing funds for low income housing units because the units are empty. The housing authority person in Gallup says the units are not habitable until the money from HUD can be spent on repairing the units. While they squabble over the whole issue, many families are hoping to get a place to live as they wait their turn on the waiting list.


My editor gave me a last second assignment for a story about the gas prices in New Mexico, and how they fluctuate all over, and particularly in Gallup. On my way to the office I spotted a tanked truck pulling in to deliver gasoline at a local gas station. Hoping that I could find something, I cruised back that way and lucked out, finding that the truck driver was still off-loading the fuel. It is certainly more interesting than simply photographing a sign or two with fuel prices on display.

Leroy Guara, Jimmy Edge and Donald Warren work to off-load unleaded gasoline at the Allsup’s convenience store on Arnold Street in Gallup. Guara stated that this store needs regular deliveries due to having lower prices than other area stations, which dropped to $2.76 per gallon on Friday.

Jimmy Edge, left, and Leroy Guara, employees of Coastal Transport, ready a hose Friday while making a gasoline delivery.

Jimmy Edge connects a nozzle to an intake pipe Friday afternoon while filling the fuel tanks at the Allsup’s gas station on Arnold Street in Gallup.

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