Baseball - and an Image I Like

I have been suffering miserably (along with half the other people here in the Southwest) from horrific allergies. I was not so sure I was going to be able to cover my assignments today because when I when up this morning my eyes were covered with a filmy layer of gunk (the medical term is goo!). After a squeezed in doctor's appointment I got some allergy drugs and was able to make my afternoon shift. The result is the images below.

In all of my time working and covering high school baseball this image is probably my favorite baseball image ever.

Tohatchi Cougar first baseman Tyolin Sam (13) just misses the throw to first while Gallup Catholic Panther Frank Jaramillo (12) steps on the bag Thursday during a double-header at Ford Canyon Park in Gallup. After the throw Jaramillo tried to run to second base but was tagged out.

Tohatchi Cougars catcher Dewayne Notah (1) tags Gallup Catholic Panther Ryan Nichols (13) to make the out at home plate and stop the Panthers from scoring.

Tohatchi Cougar Cody Ben (15) grabs a fly ball Thursday to make an out against the Gallup Catholic Panthers.

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