Baseball - Thoreau vs. Cuba (NM)

Thoreau Hawks pitcher Lance Etsitty hurls the ball from the mound friday afternoon while facing Cuba in a double header at Thoreau high school. Etsitty threw 14 strike outs in the first game.

This next image is a mixed bag for me. I like the photo being so tight on the batter, and I LOVE the dust swirl around the bat. The image falls apart for two reasons though: the batter does not have all that great of a facial expression, and second - and far more disappointing - is the baseball getting lost as it makes contact with the bat right in front of his hands.

Dust swirls around the bat as Thoreau Hawk batter Darryl Paul (9) smacks the ball for a base hit Friday during a double-header against Cuba at Thoreau High School.

Cuba base runner Rico Martin (29) begins his slide into second base Friday while Thoreau Hawk Justin James watches him and grabs to catch the ball at Thoreau High School. James dropped the throw and Martin was safe during the first game of their double-header.

Thoreau Hawk hitter Brian Francisco (43) hits the ball for a single, and a fielding error lets him turn the hit into a stand-up triple.

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