Downtown Duane

Originally I was downtown today responding to a fire call of a vehicle fire. I arrived to find it was all over but the paperwork. Having nothing else going on I started wandering around through the main tourist shopping spots in downtown. That's when I stumbled across Duane. I started out with some typical images, wide angle and close to him, trying to capture a bit of the motion (note the dust off the broom). The photos were passable, but... I stuck around with Duane and talked to him as he moved from business to business sweeping. When we reached the Apache Trading Company I decided that I would make images that were less focused on Duane, and more interested in the shops. Add in the chance to do something symmetrical and I liked the photos.

Duane Toledo pushes a broom Monday along Historic Route 66 in downtown Gallup. Toledo, who says people sometimes call him 'downtown Duane', works along a two block stretch of storefronts, sweeping, cleaning windows and shoveling snow. "I call this my neighborhood," he said.

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