Hospitals, Nuns and Academics

Today was, in essence, a series of portraits. From two nuns being honored to a couple of 'building mugshots' to an actualy head and shoulder mug shot.
Sisters Angela Aldi, front, and Rose Marie Holden laugh together Wednesday as they recount some of their memories about their experiences starting the Sacred Heart Retreat Center, south of Gallup. The two nuns were honored for their work at a luncheon at the center as the facility commemorates 30 years of operation.

These two building photos are for stories about the hospital. Although I think from a graphic design standpoint the top photo is better, the editors say they prefer the lower one because of the signage.

Richard Holder is the new interim director of the University of New Mexico-Gallup campus.

This final image - a more formalized portrait, was created using a single SB-800 strobe fired at a shoot-thru umbrella only about two feet to the side of the subject. (Placing the light beside him creates an oblique angle that eliminates and glare to his glasses). He was also only a few feet away from a light colored wall to his right, which acted like a large bounce card/reflector to keep the right side of his face from being thrown into dark shadows. Pretty straight forward stuff.

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