Lens, Baby

Yes, the photos here have something strange about them - they have a very small area of focus, or a small sweet spot, with a lot of blur. That is because I made the images in our office at the paper using my newly acquired Lensbaby 3G lens. It tilts and moves much like a traditional bellows system, but it is not, as the front element is curved and only gives one point of focus. (For details on the lensbaby visit their site - the link is on the right).

Jeniffer Silversmith was born on Feb 29, making her a Leap day baby, who will only have an official birthday once every four years.

Nichole Brown holds her three day old daughter, Jeniffer Silversmith, in her arms on Monday in Gallup. Silversmith was born on February 29 to Brown and Nicholas Silversmith, making her a Leapday baby who will, according to the calendar, only have a birthday once every four years.

Nicholas Silversmith gently holds his three day old daughter's hand.

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