Nuns in the Classroom

I have heard that all around the United States getting access to schools and photographing in classrooms is problematic. Today I was asked to go to the small Catholic school near the newspaper and make some images of the Nuns that are teaching there. Bracing for problems, I was instead warmly greeted by the staff, and given free reign. The principle intorduced me to a couple of the sisters who teach and I was left to make images. The focus of the story is really on the fact this school has some nuns teaching, which apparently is becoming a rarity.

I decided to shoot the children from behind, not because I was told to, but to put the focus on the sister, and to keep my disruption of being there to a minimum.

Sister Jacinta explains the rules for changing the letter Y at the end of a
word to students in her first grade classroom Tuesday at St. Francis of Assisi School on Wilson Avenue in Gallup.

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