Realtors' New President

For a portrait of the new president of the Gallup realtor's association she invited me to meet her at one of the more upscale homes in town that is on the market. I intended to make a portrait of her in the home's front yard, using a wide-angle lens to get the for sale sign and the home as background elements. The day was perfect for such an image - high clouds supplied the area with a slightly overcast, and very difuse light that makes for excellent images.

Until about 15 minutes before our appointment. Then the cluods broke and the sun came out strong and directional. I tried for a diffuser to eliminate the harsh shadows on her face, but the sun was so bright that she could not help but squint something terrible. Enter plan B. Inside the home with some open areas and lots of available light, th kitchen was a pretty big component of the home, and it lent itself to an EVP. The reporter also told me that we would be doing a second story on realtors in the near future, so I also moved her into an arched doorway with plain walls for a mug shot with directional lighting.

Members of the Gallup Realtors Association recently elected Mary Lou Mraz to
serve as their president.
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