Recycling in Yellow

Quickie Assignment: Give us some art to go with a story about the recycling efforts for used telephone books. We already took up a collection here in the newsroom so you can have some to work with. Initially I considered doing something with flames. I didn't really know how it would tie into the idea of recycling, but as a graphic element, burning phone books could have been eye catching. The weather had other ideas. Winds today whipped along at 35+ MPH. Not ideal for trying to make a small fire. Burning the books inside of a newspaper building? Nah.

So here is my second choice of shooting. Pile them up in a somewhat graphic way, then make use of my Lensbaby 3 to add an unusual effect to the images. The editors liked it, and the advertising department got wind of them and presented the images to the recycling program people who selected them for use in the ads.

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