SWPJC - Fort Worth, Texas

Just a quick entry, sans images, as I am attending the Southwest Photojournalism Conference in Fort Worth. The event runs from Friday evening through Sunday morning, with a colleciton of skilledand accomplished photographers. Some talk about their projects, some talk about the how-to do it things, most share a lot of themselves on some very personal levels in the process.

The seminar takes place at the Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, and there is a tie-in with an organization called Christians in Photojournalism. This makes it both a technical event and a spiritual refresher for me.

On the technical side, and a very entertaining person to boot, was Dave Black. The story of how he made his career is interesting and far from conventional. (A former athlete/gymnast, he knew the sport well enough that he could photograph the Olympic gymnastics team just by walking in the door; well, almost). He is also very open with sharing HOW he creates his images. I encourage you to visit his web site - - and browse around. Specifically he has two sections that are about the how of what he does: On the Road; and Workshops at the Ranch. Check them out.
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