Wildlife Adventure - Gallup Style

feeling less like a people person today, and as I drove away from a group portrait I spotted a few prairie dogs. They seem to be the local harbingers of spring. They are a bit tricky to shoot images of, though. They are skittish of people, and I have found the best way to get to them is to use my car as a mobile wildlife blind and shoot through an open window with my 300mm lens. (See the bottom image).

After getting the prairie mutt photo I started thinking about other wildlife that people in Gallup don't know we have, or pay attention to. Sure enough, when I brought these images of ducks onto my screen several of my co-workers asked where I had managed to find ducks in the Gallup area.

There are a couple of secret spots that I have squirreled away for just this type of occasion, something that living and working 11+ years in one community has as a benefit.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the animals.

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