Hot Rod Pizza Delivery

Featured on The Learning Channel (TLC) show "Rides" this 1929 roadster pick-up came to town to promote the welding equipment that was used in building it.

For information on the custom truck visit here.

After looking at the truck, my editor sent me to cover a pizza party that a bus driver was giving to his riders for their behavior. Not all that much visually interesting, but I think I made out okay with what I came up with.

Lukachukai Community School students Angelica Davis, left, and Tyrone
Yazzie offer pizza to Demetria Gloniiziinii as Demartrius Gloniiziinii watches
the fun Friday afternoon at the Gallup Pizza Hut on US 491. Demetria received
recognition from school bus driver Dave Tsosie for following bus rules and
reading 10 books during the hour and a half commute each direction on his bus.

Lukachukai Community Schools bus driver Dave Tsosie dishes up some pizza for
students that ride his bus during a reward trip Friday to Pizza Hut in Gallup on
US 491. Tsosie says that students who ride his bus travel for 90 minutes each
direction, and if they follow the bus rules and work on reading during the
commutes they get to travel to Gallup to watch a movie and have pizza for

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