My Very Busy Day

Seven different shooting situations in one day... and I missed another fun one in the process (animal control and the fire department cutting down a tree to rescue a stuck cat.).

City of Gallup employees Randy Pinto, left, and Asa Moore are back on the job after serving in the war in Iraq. Even though both men are city employees, they did not meet each other until they were serving in Iraq.

The view from the rodeo announcer's booth in the Roping Arena at Red Rock State Park is marred by shattered glass Tuesday after vandals broke in to the area and shattered every window in the booth. Park officials said that a recent previous break in also had vandalism and theft of tools from the park.

A rock lays next to pieces of broken glass Tuesday after vandals threw it through one of the windows of the rodeo announcer's booth at Red Rock State Park.
While I was at the park to get photos of the vandalism I passed this scene: Ros of New Mexico State Police cars lined up for inspection. With winds topping 50 MPH today the officers were indoors finishing their inspection and meeting, but this many patrol units was a rarity to see, so I grabbed a few images.

Rows of New Mexico State Police units sparkle in the sun, ready for inspection at Red Rock State Park.

On my way back to the office from Red Rock Park I passed these students trying to clean up trash in the strong winds:

Hope Swearingen watches while Kendall Lipert hangs on tightly as strong winds threaten to blow a trash bag from her hands Tuesday morning along Hwy 118 near the State Police office on the East end of Gallup. The two girls are a part of a group of eighth grade students from Denver Christian School that are spending the week in Gallup doing volunteer activities.

Claire Mueller uses a grabber tool to pick up litter on Tuesday as she and other eighth grade students from Denver Christian School clean up trash.

Then it was time to drive to Ganado, Arizona for a baseball game, and more winds. This next image shows some of the sand being blown around. The winds hurtled sand and small rocks, pelting my back, neck and even the back of my ears. I am going to be hours cleaning my cameras and lenses after this.

Chinle Wildcat pitcher Levi Tsinijnnie (4) hurls the ball toward home plate and into strong headwinds that blow his hat right off his head Tuesday while playing against the Ganado Hornets at Ganado High School.

Ganado Hornets third baseman Brennen Begay (14) runs down Chinle Wildcat Levi Tsinijnnie (4) after he got caught between bases at Ganado High School in Arizona.

Chinle Wildcat Lin Tsinbinnie (16) dives back to first base Tuesday while Ganado infielder Ty Torivio (15) catches the throw from the mound while trying to pick him off.

And finally, another image showing the wind at work. This is the Yah-Ta-Hey Ride A Kart and Swap Meet next to the Plummer interchange at US 491 and Hwy 264.
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