Portrait Time

This image of Gallup mayor Harry Mendoza is a virtual copy of the one I made of him the last time we were at his office. I didn't want to repeat myself, but it was what he requested that I do. Below is my other option so that if the editor decides he needs a vertical for the page he is set.

Former Gallupian Bill Lee has returned to town and is the new director of Adventure Gallup. Lee has wasted little time getting back into the thick of things and is working to organize a balloon rally in May.

Bill is a pretty easy going guy. He was the coach of the Gallup Bengals girls soccer team, and he also was heavily involved in the annual Red Rock Balloon Rally (first weekend in December every year). He had business to attend to downtown, and was not available to go out to one of the trails that Adventure Gallup is in charge of, so instead I suggested we just make an outside portrait in open shade, giving nice and even lighting on his face, with some side light to model it into a 3D shape.

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