San Fidel: After School Program

My assignment for this story started out "The children in the after-school program have made a 3D mural..." The assignment basically said "the children have finished their project, come take a posed group photo of them standing around in front of the thing." Not exactly the type of assignment I was looking forward to, especially not with the drive from the office to San Fidel clocking in at about 175 miles and gas costing more than $3.35 per gallon.

When I got to the school I found out that there are other activities, and the mural is still a work in progress. So suddenly I found myself having a couple of images to get.

After spending time completing their homework on Wednesday, students enrolled in the Save the Children after-school literacy program play a game of knocking over and standing colored cones upright again in San Fidel, NM.

Fourth grade students Miya Boss, April Garcia and Andrea Hepting get some guidance on their home work Wednesday from Amanda Oney, a literacy assistant with the Save the Children after school program.

Kindergarten students Savanna Felipe concentrates on creating a jellyfish while working next to Miranda Chino, an eighth grader, who is making the head of an orca in the Save the Children at St. Joseph's School in San Fidel, NM. Once the sea creatures are completed they will be affixed to the 3-D ocean scene mural on the wall behind them.

Miranda Chino, left, colors a portion of the orce head she is building while across from her Elyssa Chino trims some excess material from a seahorse.
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