Searcing for the Answers

Of the three staff photographers at The Independent, I was the only one not on the scene when a man's body was discovered in the Rio Puerco, after apparently being struck in a hit and run accident and thrown from the Miyamura overpass bridge above. At one point the police were speculating that the death may even be have been a suicide. Things don't add up that way though - the man had missed the Amtrak train and so he left his luggage at the counter while going to the greyhound station across the bridge to check their schedules. He never made it back. (read the stories here and here)

Now his family has grown tired of waiting for the police to resolve the case, and they are retracing his last days and hours, trying to come to grips with his death. When I met them this evening they were putting up flyers asking for information and help.

Mona Free puts up reward posters Monday evening in Gallup with the help of her husband Nathan free, and father, Frank Laghaie near the Multi-Cultural Center in downtown Gallup. The family is looking for information about the death of Mona's brother in January 2008.

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