Spring Blooms - Personal Work

After helping my wife get our son into the car to go to daycare I looked at the nice morning light hitting the trees and flowers in my front yard. Even more amazing was the absence of wind. Not having any assignments on tap for the day I had plenty of time to get ready for work and head to the office. I also had plenty of time to make some images for myself.

These first three images are the blossoms on a fruitless pear tree. When fully opened the flowers are about as wide as my thumbnail. To get the details and fill the frame I pulled out my 60mm Micro Nikkor lens and went to work.

While tree has thousands of blossoms on it, I soon discovered that the tree also has a large quantity of tiny bugs, and a lot of the flowers were showing sign of being attacked by them. Finding blooms I liked with lighting that was right and were also undamaged was a challenge.

These last two images are from the tulips growing directly underneath the trees. I really prefer the first image, but when I got to the office today I mentioned that I was making flower images this morning and my M.E. asked to see them. He really liked the sweeping lines of the vertical, and told me to submit the photos as a front page centerpiece. He said he wanted to do something that was just eye-candy for the front page, and the flower photos would work well.

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