Working with a Bunch of Wild Animals

Days like today are simply fun. Yes, the wind was blowing like mad and I ended up with sand in my teeth and in my cameras and in my hair and... Still, what other job lets you spend your day hanging out at the zoo and talking with the new curator. Plus, since I was from "the paper" I had free access to things. Although I declined, the curator even offered to take me inside the bear's enclosure. (All of these images were shot from outside of the fence. I don't understand the science behind it, but basically a long lens wide open can focus past the links of a fence)

A sandhill crane displays its long and flexible neck Wednesday at the Window Rock Zoo. The zoo is the site of Zoofest 2008 on Saturday, May 3, which will feature games, refreshments, photos with some of the animals an much more. Admission to the zoo is always free.

A red fox rest on top of the small hut in its enclosure at the Zoo and botanical gardens in Window Rock, Arizona.

Navajo Nation zoo curator Matthew Holdgate has been in charge of the zoo in Window Rock for the past seven months, and is working to bring more visitors and some big changes to the facility.

A bobcat sits by itself in its enclosure at the Navajo Nation Zoo in Window Rock, Ariz. The cat has been at the zoo for about a month, after it was struck by a car and blinded as a result of the accident.

A black bear nestles into a out cropping of rocks to find shelter from the strong winds (note the ruffled fur on the neck and back of the head) at the Window Rock Zoo and botanical gardens.

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