DJ Abel Rock

As part of our efforts to appeal to a wider audience and give younger readers something of interest, we have started a weekly band profile for the local music scene. Tonight was my turn to shoot the portraits for the story, and I got to spend some time working with a local DJ who runs the sounds at Club Zen on Friday and Saturday evenings.

He was enthusiastic about the images when I showed him the display screen on the back of my camera - something I don't do often but I wanted him to understand the shots I was getting and the adjustments I was making. This is my favorite shot from the session, but DJ was less than excited about the red shirt. He soon changed to a black shift and we cotinued with the session.

This final shot too a bit of work - even though it probably looks simple. He wanted his name to be visible on his laptop cover in one of the images. Problem is that I set up my two SB-800 units with umbrellas for lighting him. I really didn't want to move my lights around and change the feel of hiw he was lit.

My solution was to take a third flash and wrap a flexible/nylon padded filter carrying case (with a velcro-style strip on it) around the flash and fashiona small snoot. Then I shot with the camera in my right hand and the snooted flash in my left, aimed at the top portion of the laptop.
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