Dying in Agony: Newspapers looking Grim

There are some people in this world that simply love the newspaper industry. Love the challenges, the exciteent of being part of things, witnessing history as it happens, especially in photogrpahy where things are always different.

Unfortunately it appears that READERS are not among the group. Circulations keep dropping, and to stay afloat a lot of newspaper execs look for short term profits for their shareholders - so they cut costs. Employees seeming to be the biggest cost, nevermind that a smaller staff means less depth and quality, which in turn leads to less interest in the paper and so less customers buy - causing more job cuts and... you get the idea.

To illustrate just how severely the industry is being hit with job cuts THIS Link is to an interactive map of the United states showing where the job cuts have happened.

So here's a number - the site says as of today that 3,071+ newspaper jobs have been cut in 2008; and more than 2000 jobs cut in the last seven months of 2007. So in the past 12-months the industry has cut more than 5,000 jobs.
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