Husband and Wife - Working together with God

Husband and wife pastors Roger and Lynn Perkins provide spiritual guidance for the congregants of The Church of the Holy Spirit located at 1334 Country Club Drive in Gallup. Although the couple have been working for the church since last November, they will officially be installed in a special service on May 31.

Inside the church, from the choir loft.

Getting the stained glass to match the light inside required to develop the same photo twice, once set for the room, once for the windows, then using a layer mask to merge the details from the two.

After a jewel encrusted cross was stolen from the Church of the Holy Spirit several years ago, Gallup resident Sally Noe donated this new cross to the church in memory of her late husband.
Outside of the church building.

This final detail shot was mostly for myself. I was surprised to see such a wide range of versions of the Bible inside the church. The Presbyterian church I attend uses the NRSV as the standard translation, and other churches I have visited in the past seem to have their favorite versions on hand as well.

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