Memorial Day & the Return of the Knights

Small U.S. Flags adorn the graves of military personnel buried at Hillcrest Cemetery in Gallup, placed there as part of Monday's Memorial day celebration for the City of Gallup.

The Gallup chapter of the Knights of Columbus salute the flag during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner at the McKinley County Courthouse Square as part of the Memorial day celebration for the City of Gallup.

The Knights of Columbus stand at attention as clergymen walk past them for the start of Memorial day mass at Hillcrest Cemetery in Gallup. The Knights have been absent from events involving the Gallup Catholic church for many years.

Posing as the Statue of Liberty, Aurelia Hooper stands on the trailer for Earl's Restaurant during the Memorial Day Parade through downtown Gallup.
Gallup's last Bataan Death March survivor, Tim Smith, sits at center-stage during the Memorial day celebration for the City of Gallup at the Courthouse Square. In addition to recognizing Smith, Air Force Sr. Airman Jason Cunningham and Army chief warrant officer Christopher Johnson, both of who died while serving, were recognized through proclomations read by Harry Mendoza, mayor of Gallup.

New Mexico state representative Patty Lundstrom struggles to regain her composure Monday while reading a plaque in recognition of Tim Smith, Gallup's last survivor of the Bataan Death March.
Karl Katenay Jr holds a flag and stands with his mother, Juanita Sherman, while watching a military vehicle pass during the Memorial day parade through downtown Gallup.
Sgt. 1st class Silver Delao, a VFW member, plays Taps during a graveside ceremony honoring fallen soldiers Monday at the Hillcrest Cemetery in Gallup.
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