National Nursing Home Week

Sometimes things happen that go way beyond your plans for not getting what you thought. I drove out to Chinle today for a series of event at the Chinle Nursing Home. The facility scheduled events all week, but the reporter suggested picking today, since it had the most things scheduled. Fair enough.

After a scary incident on the two-lane highway between Ganado and Chinle that involved my old car not having the acceleration it once did;and my misjudging how much time I had to get around a slow moving vehicle, I arrived at the home to find that Miss Navajo Nation wouldn't be attending this morning as planned. She got sick. It happens. Instead the children scheduled to perform at 10:30 started early and I had little time to set up and get images like I wanted to. (see the bottom two images below) It will be alright though, I told myself. After all, the reading buddies will be here at 11:00 and I can get some photos that are more personal - the buddies being one-on-one with the residents.

The top two photos here are from the time I spent waiting for hte reading buddies to come. They never did make it. Apparently the group of them had to attend a staff meeting and couldn't make it.

Chinle Nursing Home resident Annie Tsosie sits in a hallway and looks out the window Tuesday in Chinle, Ariz. May 12 through 16 is National Nursing Home Week.

Chinle Nursing Home residents Pauline Begaye, left, of Rock Point, and Ruth Addakai, from Shonto, Ariz., sit together and talk while looking out the window at the facility in Chinle, Ariz. This week is National Nursing Home Week, and the staff in Chinle scheduled multiple events throughout the week to celebrate.

Children from the Chuska School Indian Club perform for residents at the Chinle Nursing Home in Chinle, Ariz.

Children from Chuska School Indian Club gather around a small drum and sing Tuesday while other club members dance in the background while performing for residents at the Chinle Nursing Home

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