Freedom? Try One Final Mistake...

My last day on the job at the Gallup Independent should have been all easy and relaxed.I gave myself a morning assignment to drive 25 miles north to Tohatchi and get some photos of a volleyball camp. Pretty low stress event. Hang around for a while to get two or three types of drills and pack it up. I arrived at the school shortly after 10 am. Grab my Nikon D2h, a couple of light stands, strobes and pocket wizards, then proceed to the gym and set things up.

Now, in the entire history of my working for newspaper I have never, ever, not a single time, found myself in the spot I was today. I set up my camera, reached into my pocket for a memory card, and it wasn't there. This was not a big deal, I just dropped it into one of the pockets of my camera bag. I dig around for a while and still can't find it. Still not much of a concern, as I know I have a couple of cards with my extra gear and camera in the trunk of my car.

For 45 minutes I tore apart my car, my camera bags, anyplace that I might have a memory card. I found three. All of them SD cards for my little Nikon D80. The problem with using them? The D80 is on the shelf in my closet at home. There was no way around it - I had to leave Tohatchi, drive the 30 minutes back to the office, grab a memory card from the desk - then drive back to the gym.

Doing the math - I spent 45 minutes digging for the card, which put me leaving the gym at 10:45. Drive to the office and back took an hour. So I walk in to the gym at 11:45. I grab a few frames of the instructor demonstrating some serving skills, when she announces, completely on-time, lunch. For an hour. And she is not coming back after lunch, and the other coach will take over.

Yes, I made a couple of photos for the sports section, but I was disappointed that I did this to end my newspaper career.

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