So Long, and Thanks for all the Pix. . .

Yes, the title of the post is a deliberate play on the Douglas Adams book title. The dolphins left the planet right before it was to be destroyed. The Earth's time was limited. Now, so is mine.

Friday afternoon I turned in my two week notice and am resigning as the senior photographer for the Gallup Independent.

Why? Eleven plus years is a very long time to spend at a small, daily newspaper like this. My original plan was to work here for 18-24 months. Next, I would do the traditional thing and move up the chain to a medium size newspaper. Things kept coming up that kept me here in Gallup; like my wife's acceptance to a graduate program, or getting custody of my daughter. Each time I thought, "NOW it has to be time to leave." Obviously God had other plans for me, as I am still here.

The newspaper world is being sucked toward an event horizon. There is a black hole that no matter can escape. I have grown so tired of the way things were managed at the newspaper here, and staying at the GI was not an option for me. Moving on to another newspaper is not very promising either. So,with a lot of encouragement from my wife and others here in my life, I made the decision to leave journalism altogether.

Does this really sound like the type of employment that you would like to be working in?

L.A. Times to Cut 250 Jobs, 150 in Newsroom

Tampa Tribune Lays off 11 newsroom employees, 10 more may be cut

And also from Tampa: Photographers told to REAPPLY for their jobs!!!

Hartford Courant to Cut 60 Newsroom Jobs

The Baltimore Sun to Cut 100 Jobs via buyouts, Layoffs

Fort Worth Star-Telegram to eliminate 15 positions

McClatchy to cut 1,400 jobs (includes 130 at Star Telegram)
Second Story about McClatchy

The Daily News (Galveston County) reduces staff by 12, and 3 contract

The New York Post braces for "bloodbath" - 70 accept buy-outs; 30 cuts expected

Palm Beach Post to cut 300 jobs - including 130 newsroom
Additonal article on the Palm Beach Post
(From the article)"

The Post is just the latest newspaper to shrink its staff as readers and advertisers shift their time and money to the Internet. The Miami Herald said last week that it would cut 17 percent of its staff. The St. Petersburg Times last month announced buyouts and said layoffs are possible later this year, and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel, Tampa Tribune and Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville also have cut jobs.

"We are the last major Florida newspaper to implement staff reductions," Franklin said.

San Jose Mercury News cut staff by 50

Chicago Tribune cuts 80 newsroom jobs (fourth round of cuts since late 2005)

Columbian (Washington state) cuts 20 jobs
Additional story about Columbian

Washington Post (Seattle) eliminates 200 jobs

Salt Lake, Utah - Deseret News sells property to fund 35 layoffs

New London, CT - The Day freezes wages, lays off 21 full-time, 17 part time

Albuquerque Tribune CLOSES completely - no buyers found


I guess that's enough... you get the idea. I remember several years ago when I lived in Minneapolis a radio station was changing format (ownership too?) and for 24 hours straight the station played one song over and over - R.E.M.s' It's the end of the World as We know It.

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