...and so it goes.

I have been quite busy these days with my new job as a high school English teacher. Between all of the standardized testing, creating lesson plans, pre-reading books to select one for instruction and all at the same time attending classes to work towards obtaining a Masters degree in education.

Even now I should be utilizing my prep period to grade papers, but instead I will be taking them home to grade over the weekend.

One of the reasons I felt like I had to give an update today is because I got bad news from a former employee in my department when I was still with The Independent. My friend, Matt Hinshaw, contacted me that he was laid off by his newspaper in Prescott Valley, Arizona. I feel doubly sad about this because he is not only my friend, but also because I encouraged him to move on from The Independent. I am not sure what his plans are, if he even has any. All I can say is that it must be a horrible position to be in, especially since that paper, like the one here, barely paid enough to cover monthly living expenses, and certainly did not leave room for him to set aside much money for emergencies.

Whatever happens, I am hoping that he comes out in a better place and my prayers are with him.
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