Not helping matters

There are two newspapers in Gallup.  My former employer, The Gallup Independent, and The Gallup Herald.  The Herald is a Sunday tabloid that is run by former Independent staff member Joe Kolb. With no love lost between Kolb and Independent publisher Bob Zollinger they seem to enjoy yellow-journalism.  No, I should not be so harsh.  I suspect both men think that they are doing the right thing, and maybe they are both right in their own ways.  Not my place to judge them.  So let me just leave it at saying that they will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

So, who cares?  Why am I starting down this path?  After all, I no longer work there (with the exception of a few side jobs covering high school sports).  Well it is because I keep hearing about some exchanges between Zollinger and a city of Gallup employee (golf course director), Bob Weekes.  Rumors actually.  Then today I spotted a copy of The Herald and it features a blurry blob of a photo of Zollinger at his desk and the main story is that he could be facing criminal charges.

Time to do a bit of checking on what is available on the web and I stumbled across some things on You-Tube, presented by Kevin Killough - who was (still is?  Not likely) a reporter for the Independent.  He has some surveillance footage from the confrontation and a running, sarcastic commentary to go along with it.  To me, it is inconclusive, except that the two men did face each other, Weekes landed on the ground on top of Zollinger, and surveillance cameras work a lot better when Gil Grisam and his CSI team look at them.

(If you want to view just the surveillance footage fast-forward to 8:29 in the clip)

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