Missing it - finally

The first day of the ASNE (American Society of News Editors) Reynolds High School Journalism Institute has started and the first day is done. This is an amazing event, not only that the event is running so well, but also the care they are taking of us. Meals, hotel, and great people!!!

I tried to put away the role of photojournalist and just be a participant, but when things like this happen, and knowing that the blog needs input I turned to my stronger suit and out came the camera.

Now, today's events are simply talking heads giving speeches - you know, the old reliable podium shots. Still, it made me miss the challenges of newspaper work. In almost a year since I left the newspaper I have never really missed it. I needed a break, a way to recharge? Regardless, it is time to move on from what I used to do and focus on what I am doing. I don't want to end up like the people in the Bruce Sprinstein song, singing about "glory days."

So, back to the events - multiple students already posted their impressions from the events of today. I simply posted a few images and extended captions rather than make things too repetitive.

To read what they wrote, and see the photos:

Reynolds High School Journalism Institute blog
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