Multi-Media learning

Part of my experience this week has been dabbling with video and sound, and learning to use the powerful piece of editing software: Final Cut Pro. We divided into groups to shoot a short package on dealing with the heat in Phoenix, and hit the streets. We shot some video, I shot still photos (also part of the assignment) and we wrapped it up.

Our adviser had the computer lab open on Saturday and Sunday, so I decided to take Saturday to run some errands (like doing laundry) and then Sunday I went to the lab. Group member Mark Salvatore was in working on the video when I got there. Turns out he also spent a good deal of time in the lab Saturday and he had pretty much wrapped up the editing issues for the clip. I feel bad because I did not contribute more to the back-end of things... but he said he wanted to really learn the software and he was fine with doing the bulk of the work.

Anyway, we are not going to win any awards for our video package, but if you care to view it, this is the link to the ASNE/Reynold's Institute blog where it is posted.
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