Glued to my screen

I cannot believe how much time I am putting in at my computer. So you are wondering if you can see the results – maybe I have been writing, or editing a major photo project. . . ? No, I have been sorting through thousands of images that I can delete. For 2008 I have over 45k images still on my one drive. A lot of that number consists of junk. Basketball games where I hit the motor drive for an action sequence. I got the shot, and then a bunch of extra stuff too. All of those can be dumped. All of the images I just dumped into the drive that were things like ads for used cars and furniture. Lots of things need to be eliminated. The rest needed to be keyworded and flagged so I can find them later on.

Right now my photo hard-drive is like the old shoe box full of negatives. In addition to the stuff from The Independent, I also have my own personal work and my family images to organize. It is amazing how quickly it packs up and gets away from somebody when shooting five or six days a week for more than 14 years. I don’t even want to begin trying to figure out what to do with my negatives and slides.

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