Maybe I should get into a photo program

Hey there! Did you know that there are great opportunities for photographers out there to earn real money (as opposed to the kind you make yourself, I guess).

All you have to do is take an On-line photography course. Like THIS ONE.

Or, you can do like the lady at the New York Times said, don't bother taking any photos - just go to Flickr and appropriate whatever catches your interest.

Onto other photo related things. I have a 1TB hard drive, and it only has 34 GB left on it. The only thing on the drive are photographs that I have taken. So now I have spent a good portion of this past week letting my desktop computer import and catalog the images (by year) into Adobe Lightroom. In the current ingest for 2008 (which I have had to do in segments to keep the computer from locking up) I have 50,641 images. Now I know that some of those photos are in multiple folders, but even if they are not, 50k images for one year is not really all that excessive. Think about it and you get less than 1,000 photos a week. Say I shoot 5 days per, and that comes in at about 200 images per day.

So, I shot a LOT of images. What does that mean? I have no idea really. Perhaps it means that it is possible to shoot 43,000 images with your lens cap on and not know it....
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