Time magazine cover pays big coin

The decline in newspapers has been on-going. Photographers also continue to struggle. For a long time the freelance shooters whined about those of us that had staff jobs taking assignments on the cheap because it was supplemental income. Now that staff jobs are vanishing the hobbyist is to blame. Or something.

How about the corporate bastards over at Time magazine as a place to point the fingers? Get this: A photographer got paid a staggering $30.00 for his image that was the FRONT COVER of the magazine. Now, they go even further and offer to sell reprints of their cover for $15.95. So all they have to do is sell TWO reprints and they have made money.

I am sure that people will tell me to get over it, the people at time are simply running a business and maximizing profits. I am so damned sick of hearing about how profits are the ONLY thing that matters. No wonder so many high school kids thrive on gang-banger music, hardcore violence in movies and are not asserting themselves. Why bother? Being a good citizen is for chumps. Why would anybody bother to go and have ethics and morals and treat people with fairness?

I think that $30 for a magazine cover photo is like buying a copy of Fantastic Four #1 for $1.25 because the seller didn't know the real value.

People at Getty and Time and everywhere else think about this: what is going to happen when you are 80 years old and you want somebody to help take care of you, but instead you get kicked to the street or even put down like a dog because the people that tried to have principals and treat people fairly were long ago done away with, and the society that is left won't have any interest in your dignity, but in your bank account and your fixed income checks that stopped years earlier because Social Security was not really something that we needed to be doing to help people be dignified.

I'd love to see one of those **Extensive list of Expletives deleted** from Time be handled so fairly. Never mind what the going rate is for your job Mr. Employee, we are going to give you $15.00 this week because that's all we want to.
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