Ironic irony

Welcome to the Hall of Freedom. In here you can see the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and other important documents that founded our country. We are the land of the free. Oh, and by the way, you are not allowed to . . .

Pretty much, that what is going on over at the National Archives. They are proposing a rule prohibiting any type of recording (filming/photographing) of the famous documents. The rule says that it is to reduce damage to the documents from people using flash (although video does not use flash....)

Now this post is NOT a rant that they shouldn't regulate the things that people do there. The documents are reportedly in BAD condition. They are parchment, not paper, so they are not holding the ink pigments as well. A photographer on Sportsshooter stated that at first look the Declaration of Independence loos like a blank sheet since it has faded so much. He also said that despite signs - and guards - telling people not to, the visitors are firing flashes non-stop.

Also, from my understanding there is a long line all the time just to get in for a quick glimpse, and people with video cameras and still cameras slow things down by taking time to focus, check lighting/exposure and so on.... so if it is truly a case of allowing more people access to the documents when they have made the trip to go to the archives then by all means. Rather than having the headache of checking every person that stands in the long lines and ensuring that they have the right type of camera and that they know how to make sure the flash will not fire, they are feeling the need to put a blanket statement about no cameras in place.

Instead, this post is merely finding the discord between calling someplace the Hall of Freedom and filling it with documents saying we can live free, then having to restrict what you can do. To me, that is irony.

To see the documents you can order exact duplicates to keep, or simply view them on-line.
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