Every once in a while I hear somebody ask, "Do you miss the newspaper?" This makes me pause. For the most part I have been far too busy with my new life to dwell on what I left behind. Between lesson planning for three different subjects (each one a brand new program), teaching six class periods a day (with somewhere around 160 students to try and learn their names and preferences and personalities), spending some time with my family, recuperating from my leg infection, and now taking more classes for my Master's degree there is not a lot of down time (of which that IS something I miss).

On Thursday a photographer from California sent me (my students) a Canon 10D and 50mm lens. I am very grateful for the generous gift. But, I shoot Nikon and the only lens we have for the Canon is the 50mm. While the 50mm will be great for volleyball, basketball and portraits, it is not so good for football or soccer, so I was browsing around at the KEH used cameras web site just to get an idea of what was even available.

I am not even sure what made me think of it, but I ended up visiting their Nikon film camera section. They have Nikon F4s bodies for under $200 and they have/had a N6006 for $17. Yep - for the cost of a pizza you can buy one of these cameras which was one of my main cameras when I first started at the newspaper..... Anyway, the F4s listings made me reminisce about the F4e (top - with the bigger battery grip) and F4s (bottom photo) bodies I had and what incredible pieces of equipment they were. I had a passing thought that maybe I should buy one - but then I came to my senses. What would I do with a film camera? It would take money every time I wanted to use it - film, processing and printing... nah. Not just for a sentimental toy. Still, they do LOOK COOL.

I know, I should have some kind of connection with my F5 - it was the ultimate in high tech film gear, but... for one thing, the shutter failed on it in the middle of my trip to Moab. The other, only a few weeks after getting it our publisher made the announcement that I was to convert our newspaper to digital and I never got to really use the camera to the point of it being a part of me on a daily basis.

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