Not wanting business?

After months of waiting, the grant money for computers and other equipment has finally come in and orders are going out. The laptops and software (Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Elements 8 -yes, version 8 is out already) have been easy to order. But what is not as easy is ordering cameras.
I have been trying to contact vendors that would work with a public school purchase orders - and I can now see why the economy is so bad and businesses are failing. I have money to spend and yet the vendors won't bother to return telephone calls or respond to Emails.

The one person - Jeff Snyder at Adorama cameras in New York, has refused to do business with me on several occasions. He was with a different camera company for several years - and I tried to place orders with that company when he was the newspaper sales contact, and he would not respond to calls, and when I did contact him he would promise to get back to me and not follow through. Now that he has moved to Adorama and is one of the sponsors for I was also wanting to order from him to give back. When Tokina came out with a new ultra-wide angle lens I wanted to pre-order one and he told me he would contact me when they were in stock. I never heard from him.

No big deal - it was probably just an oversight - even though he did say he would contact me. But this week I called to order 9 cameras, some accompanying memory cards, batteries, flash units and more... and not a peep either by telephone or Email.

So, Friday afternoon (I Snyder's called his office Tuesday morning) I placed a call to his competitors across town - B&H Photo. The public school sales rep that handles New Mexico was very helpful, explained a few things, apologized that he would not have the completed quote until Tuesday (it was near closing time and because of the Jewish holidays this weekend they will not be open until Tuesday) and left me feeling comfortable about doing business with B&H (again - I have used them for many of my personal purchases in the past.)

Now, before you leave thinking this rant is entirely against Mr. Snyder, it is not. Other vendors I tried to contact also did not respond. It is simply that this has been a recurring thing with this one. So, sponsor or not, my business dollars - and those of my school district - are going to a different supplier.
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