Soccer is brutal

(**NOTE: First of all, the two images here are NOT related. One happened on the sidelines, the other during the game. The first did not cause the second.)

So, for the first time in quite a while I dug out the "big guns" and went to shoot a sports event. Lack of practice, lack of sleep (I have been averaging only 5-6 hours a night at best) or just plain lack of thinking - whatever - led to some damaged equipment. I was swapping my camera body and putting my Nikon D2h onto my 300mm lens, and I had just connected my 1.4x teleconverter to the lens when the soccer ball came out of bounds, right to me. The lens was resting partly on my camera bag and partly on the lens hood. I took my hand off the lens to deflect the ball away from me and the camera body. The result is that somehow the lens tipped off the camera bag and the mount smashed against the ground. Now, it is bad, but at least the damage is to the teleconverter and not to the lens. I have a second teleconverter, and even if I didn't at least I still had the lens, intact, to shoot with.

Photo #2 - is a quick grab shot after two players both used their heads to try to win the ball. One of the Miyamura players ended up head-butting the Grants Pirate and opened a nasty gash over his eye that ended up needing stitches.

I was greatly disappointed that the student from the yearbook class who asked to use a camera to photograph the games this evening never showed up. The STUDENTS are supposed to be creating the yearbook, but I guess there is a lot of attention to what I will get the final product to look like. It does not ease the pressure much to learn that my school's principal and one of hte vice principals were on the radio recently and talking about how great things are that I am at the school to help create the yearbook and newspaper...
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