Homecoming - Class Games

Homecoming week at Miyamura High School continues. This evening students from the Junior, sophomore and freshmen classes battled for class supremacy.

To start things off, students began the tricycle relay race.

I am still trying to figure out the exact purpose of the gas mask - but it made for an interesting photo....

Brandon and Michael - Passing a Life-saver candy on a toothpick as part of a relay race.

The Miyamura Chronicle

After some issues with internet access and many students not meeting multiple deadlines (more than two weeks of class time and some students have yet to turn in a single word) but the first edition of the Miyamura Chronicle is now on-line.

For every student in the journalism class, news writing is a new challenge, and making the transition from writing "school" style to news style is not easy for many of them.

Still, I wanted to get the stories from the students that did write and get their work in on time posted so that they could have something to show for their efforts.