Washed out week

Not a lot of teaching going on this week. We started with the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday.

Tuesday we had parent conferences (moved up from when they were originally scheduled).

Wednesday we had some snow and had a two hour delay. I had classes with my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th period students.

Then Thursday we had a snow day (when I got out of bed to go to work there was not even a delayed start, and when I finished my shower school was cancelled.

That brings us to today. We had rain most of the evening, and before the 10 pm news last night they announced cancellations for today. By midnight the rain had changed to snow, and this morning awoke to nearly six inches of snow.

I wandered out into the front yard today and took a few frames, but the purist in me thinks that snow and nature photos don't look right with houses, cars and power lines, so I didn't put a lot of effort into them.

I think that this is the largest accumulation of snow I have seen in one storm since moving here to Gallup.

This afternoon the sun came out, but now clouds are rolling back in and another storm cell is supposed to hit us tonight.


Winter Can be Useful

Having a little bit of down time as Christmas vacation comes to a close I stopped by David Hobby's blog to see what is happening with him. . . I always find fascinating quick and CHEAP ways of lighting images on his blog. Anyway, he is out east and got hammered with 23" of snow last week. And, in true creative fashion he has come up with a great use for the snow. If it's there, might as well make use of it, eh?

I thought I was a Diet Mt. Dew fan, but he is truly hard-core.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year.



I could make some flip comment about resolving not to make any resolutions, or have some sage or life altering ideas. Truth is, that I have been on a mental vacation for the majority of this two week vacation and have not really taken time to come up with anything.

We return to school next week and have only that one week together before the semester ends. (I personally think it was pretty poor planning to have vacation and then have students return from break for finals week). The second semester will (hopefully) be more productive - especially for my digital darkroom students - as I actually have the computers and Photoshop Elements 8 (instead of using old PC machines with only 125 to 256 MB of RAM and the GIMP software). Having a computer for every student should help get rid of a lot of the issues from this past semester - students waiting their turn to use the computers get bored and start distracting each other.

I picked up a copy of Scott Kelby's The photoshop elements 8 book for digital photographers to give me some insight into things that Elements 8 has that are not in CS3 and to think about some tricks that I never used when working for a newspaper.

I guess my resolution for 2010 is to be as effective at teaching as possible, and to not let all of my teaching and grad school responsibilities prevent me from making images for myself.