Student Newspaper story ideas

This is my second semester of teaching journalism, and I am already seeing the same story ideas come up again and again. Dress code is not fair, students should be allowed to listen to their MP3s/iPods etc. With no history of a student newspaper at our school (it is a new high school after all), there are no benchmarks established yet. We don't have a tradition of doing strong journalism and the students don't really know what hard hitting reporting looks like. Yet.

Today I was browsing through what other teachers are having their students do, and I stumbled upon this site that has dozens and dozens of news story ideas for high school journalism students. The best part, the ideas are from students, so they might be a bit more palatable than something I might assign them.

So now I am going to direct all of my students to the High School Journalism Institute site when they complain they don't have any story ideas.
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