My loss of Faith - How Toyota Has Fallen

For a long time I have had a preference for Ford vehicles. It goes back to my first car - a 1976 Mercury Montego (yes, the four-door version of the classic Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino), and continued with my LTD II and my accident prone 1986 Thunderbird (it had a bulls-eye painted on it I guess). My wife is not so fond of Fords, as she is a lot shorter than I am. Over recent years she has persuaded me that Toyotas were the vehicles to consider. Heck, they are onto something big with the Prius hybrid.

So, when reports started to come in about stuck accelerators (ALL car companies have reports of this issue - just Toyota is much higher than any other, and Hyundai is lowest on the list I saw) and things don't look so rosy for Toyota. The latest recall - about the tire latches rusting in winter weather zones - not too bothered by it , because hey, you try putting a piece of metal in that salt/sulfuric acid they spread on the roads in Minnesota and not have it rust... pretty hard to prevent.

But . . . And this is huge. This is worse than Subaru having their Outback recategorized from a car to a truck so they could decrease gas mileage on it. Toyota has decided that on top of things happening that they cannot control, they have decided that US Copyright laws are merely suggestions that big companies don't have to follow. They hired an advertising firm that took some copyrighted (and even watermarked) photos from Flickr and used them for advertising one of their vehicles. Then, when the photographer complained they did not even really apologize - and they did not say they would not do it again, or would stop doing business with the ad agency. They only regret getting caught I guess.

For the details and samples of the photos, visit here: Software Cinema Blog

And I am off. Lensbaby is having a Webinar in about an hour and I want to see if I can learn any new tricks that would be useful with my Lensbaby 3G.
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