Remembering the Film

Now that summer is here and I am caught up on my graduate school class  I have been working with digitizing some archive items.  I started with my old journals, and then while looking through an box in the garage I came across my old Nikon LS-2000 and LS-1000 film scanners.  Not having a SCSI connector and proper drivers for my Windows XP computer they have been sitting in there for a couple of years or more.  I also found a strange item - a USB to SCSI cable.  With some searching I found a driver that allows the cable to work with Windows XP.

Next I tried repeatedly to get the Nikon software to work.  It still doesn't - it does not like the TWAIN drivers or something.  So a bit of searching on the net reminded me of Hamrick Software's program "VueScan" - which I purchased in 2001.  I reloaded the program (my license is still valid, and includes the upgrades) and after an install and restart I now have a working film scanner for my computer.

So, I found some film and slides and started scanning.  Here are a few of the images:

Neil Diamond performs at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND (July 1996)

Nicole stops for a quick photo while hiking at Red Rock State Park - (1997)
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