Is it a bad omen that teachers here in McKinley County, New Mexico have to report for work on Friday the 13th?!?  Or was this a deliberate plan to let us know what is ahead for the school year?

I drove past the new school building and it is hard to tell how much more work they have to do.  There were some construction vehicles in the newly paved parking lot, but there is no way to know what has been accomplished inside.  I do know that the students for the rest of the district start school on Aug. 18, and at Miyamura they are pushing the student start day to August 23.  Presumably that is to give us extra time to move our materials from storage and into the new classrooms and then set things up.

The old building - where my classroom was last year (B-wing) has no doors on it, has chain link fencing and I suspect demolition is going to begin in just a few days.

In some ways I am ready to have summer over with - but in many other ways I am not in the right mindset to be going back to work.
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