Verbose 11 year old? Quotable kid

On page 2 of Monday Dec. 12 edition of The Gallup Independent there is a story about an 11 year old student who decided to help with the Gallup Police Department's "comfort bear" program.  Nice story and a positive thing for the community.

BUT. . .

I have to wonder about the writing and editing process.  The last paragraph of the first column reads as follows:
"We conducted the drive for three weeks in late November," she said. "Students, teachers and members of the community participated."

Really?  That is a direct quote?  An 11-year-old actually said "we conducted  the drive..."  And then continued with "members of the community participated".   What 11-year-old talks like that?  I believe the quote was either "cleaned up" by an editor - or more likely, fabricated to get the information into the story.  And how can you have three weeks at the end of November? 

In the high school journalism class I teach we do a whole unit on the differences between a direct and an indirect quote (also called paraphrasing).  You never alter the contents of a direct quote.  It is one of the rules of journalism - accuracy matters. 

One other writing question from page one.  The story is about another election in Zuni.  In the lede the author writes "...the Pueblo of Zuni will go back to the polls Tuesday...."  What's wrong with that?  How does a Pueblo do anything?  Wouldn't it be correct to say that the PEOPLE of the Pueblo of Zuni?

Words have meaning.


My Review of Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera Body - Refurbished by Nikon U.S.A.

Originally submitted at Adorama

Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera Body - Refurbished by Nikon U.S.A.

Glad I upgraded - Nice camera

By jjpixels from Gallup, NM on 11/28/2011


5out of 5

Which of the following features do you use on your digital camera?: High-speed shooting, Low-light shooting, Interchangeable lenses, Fast Auto focus, Continuous shooting

What do you do with your digital images?: Save to disk, Sell – professional photographer, Print using an in-store photo service via online upload, Print using a home printer, Use in professional publications, Upload to online photo sharing sites, Use in personal blogs, web sites, and social media sites

Picture Quality (e.g. clarity, sharpness, color): 9

Ease of Operation: 9

Shutter Speed/Lag Time: 9

Variety of features (e.g. zoom, image stabilization, low light): 8

Durability/reliability (e.g. damage resistance, battery life and sturdiness): 9

Overall Experience: 10

How likely are you to recommend your digital camera to your friends, family, co-workers, etc.: Definitely will

Pros: Quiet, Easy To Use, High ISO Performance, Fast / Accurate Auto-Focus, Good Image Quality

Best Uses: Landscape/Scenery, Indoors/Low Light, Travel, Wildlife photos, Sports/Action, Weddings/Events

Describe Yourself: Pro Photographer

Was this a gift?: No

When my trusty Nikon D200 stopped being so trusty, and my D80 was not really cutting it for night sports I debated between simply repairing the D200, going for the cheaper upgrade to a D90 and buying the D7000. I opted to get the refurbished D7000 (the D3100 and D5100 are not options as I have several AF-D lenses which are not supported by those cameras). Shipping was fast and the camera is in really nice condition.

It feels a lot like my D80 body as far as size and shape, but it is more solid feeling and is extremely quiet (especially compared to my D200, D80 and D2h bodies).

The autofocus is pretty responsive, though not perfect, and the 16MP raw files will certainly tax an older computer when image editing.

I do have a minor complaint with Nikon about charging so much for their Nikon Capture software, but the Nikon View NX 2 software can handle the raw file processing fairly well - just takes a bit to learn where things are.

I ordered an extra battery, but decided to use some Ni-MH AA batteries while the En-EL15 was charging. So far I have over 700 frames, included more than 100 10+ second long exposures and the AA batteries are still going.

The only real issue I have with the camera is that the sensor needed cleaning - it had several spots that would not clean off with the camera's automatic cleaning function so I had to use the old swabs and eclipse cleaner to get the sensor cleaned.

The last comment is about noise at high ISO. Yes, you can zoom in and see it at 3200 or 6400 ISO, but who is really going to look at your prints that closely and that size? I don't even think I need to find a profile for noise ninja with this camera.