Dragon - ala Lensbaby

Now that things are settling down a bit in my day job I have been playing around with shooting things for myself.  Some things are just to keep in practice, some are experiments, and some are jut for fun.  Today I pulled out the Lensbaby 3G and started playing around making images of my son's new toy dragon.

The setup for this is pretty simple.  I placed the dragon on a footstool right back next to our back door (which is glass so it is a window lit image), then behind it I put the black leather desk chair.  It was a bit late in the evening so I had to go to a higher ISO, but I actually wanted that so I could get a bit more contrast into the image.

The Lensbaby I use is no longer available.  The company has come out with several different options, like the optic Swap system.  The 3G which I use is closest to the Lensbaby Control Freak, but I do not even see that on the product website these days.

What is a Lensbaby?  It is a tilt lens with a single "sweet spot" of focus which move around depending on how you bend and compress the lens.  This is the 3G in use.