365 - the beginnings

With more than a week done in my first 365 project I am already starting to notice a pattern to my shared images.  They are not the big, exciting shots like I would go for when covering events for The Gallup Independent or getting photos for the yearbook.  The 365 project is about what I am paying attention to, a personal exploration, and right now I am finding that the things I am shooting are small and intimate.  They are a lot quieter and more reserved than other images I have taken.

In addition to the images you can see at the site, I am adding a second gallery - an alternate album for second best shots.  The 365 project site only allows a single image for each day on the calendar.  If there are second choices they have to be put into a second album.  I also learned that I cannot swap out an image from the site.  If I post an image in the day and that evening find I have a shot I like better I cannot replace it.  So there will be times when I will be posting a second image on the project site in this secondary (alternate) album.

Other times I am happy with the image I shot, but want to share other images from the day - those images will end up being shared here. These are some examples of images that I liked, but did not make the cut to be the single image for the day.

*All of these images in this post were shot on an iPhone 4s and used Hipstamtic 280 camera app.

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