Project 365 up and running

My original plan was to start my Project 365 next weekend, using the Memorial Day weekend as the launch. When I went to set up the web site for the project I did a test upload and then I added a few more photos to see how the whole thing was going to work and look.  That ended up being the start of the project.

Because shooting a photo each day for an entire year could become repetitive and draining I am not restricting the project very much.  The images will simply be images that I encountered throughout the day.  Not all of them are going to be masterpieces. And not all of them are going to be pictures of my dinner or self portraits.  Sure there may be a few - I have never been one to explore the self-portrait thing and I might decided to try it once or twice over the next year.

My point is that after decades of shooting for other people it is going to be a learning experience for me to be taking pictures that are about my own life.  Some of the images will end up here - especially the outtakes since the project site only allows a single image to be posted for each day.

It is a personal project. Somewhat like a visual diary, but one that I am willing to make public.  Consider becoming a follower of my project, and don't be afraid to leave comments and questions.

(A few outtakes from this week's shooting)

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