Floral arrangement

This image is my post for today on my 365 project.  I had work to do at the church today, and while waiting for the glass company workers to finish installing the new window in the basement I spotted the arrangement of flowers in the front of the church.  It was left over from Saturday night's classical guitar concert.

I shot the image with a Nikon Coolpix P5000 (yes, if you work it right you can get decent results from a old point and shoot.) I began by placing the flowers on a table near one of the windows so  could have some nice, natural light.  Then I put the camera on a tripod, set the ISO down to 64 and put the aperture to f/8.  Then it was simply a matter of setting the self timer so I did not wiggle the camera and taking the image.

Back home I did some basic noise reduction using Imagenomic, then opened the Camera Raw filter option in Photoshop CC.  I have several presets that I tried, and decided that I liked the look of this one, called "Arkham".

The last step was to duplicate the layer, increase the canvas size about 1" around, then on the lower layer use a black paintbrush to create the jagged border effect.  Because the upper layer covers the background, none of the image itself was hidden by the black brushstrokes.
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